Day 1: Winnipeg-Chicago-Tokyo

I’m packed and ready to go, and I made sure to include the important stuff:


Hopefully 3 pounds of coffee will last. I’m travelling with a roll-aboard suitcase and a backpack:


On the way to the airport I told the cab driver about my trip, and he warned me of girls from Asia who want to marry Canadian men to gain citizenship – apparently they love single Canadian men. Note to self, don’t bring a wife back…


My flight over to Chicago was as good as an all economy regional jet can be, pretty cramped at the best of times.


After arriving in Chicago I headed to the United First lounge, which was surprisingly good. The lounge had free liquor and a decent selection of snacks.


I ended up with some red wine, salmon and cheese/sausage. It made a great snack before my flight.


Now on to the actual flight, ANA first class is fabulous. The quality of the seat, the food and the staff were all top notch. Each time I was addressed, it was always by name. The purser came to introduce herself shortly after I boarded, and was very friendly and professional. The flight attendants would check the aisle discreetly every few minutes, if they saw an empty glass they would immediately offer to refill it.  If they saw you just woke up, they would come offer you a drink and a snack. Far more attentive service than you would ever find in North America.



Appetizer and Krug Champagne (~$200 bottle).

I ended up going with the Japanese menu on board, and it turned out to be really good. There were a few odd things like fish liver, but it all had good flavour and I ended up eating it. As usual for Japan, it was very seafood heavy and featured sashimi, miso soup, a main course of cooked fish etc. All in all it was an excellent flight.


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