Katy Trail: Day 1

The day started early, my flight for St Louis left at 6:30AM. To allow time for US customs and security, I had to be at the airport by 5AM which meant getting up at 4:30AM. Given I was up until 10PM getting packed, it didn’t make for a restful night. When I arrived at the airport, the Delta counter was busier than I’ve ever seen it, about 60 people in line waiting to drop baggage off. Luckily I opted to pay for First Class for the flights down to St Louis, so I had a far shorter checkin time. The extra charge was only $100 and includes 2 checked bags. Since I was bringing all of my biking stuff with me anyway, it only ended up being about $70 more for First Class which was well worth it. About the only advantage of early morning flights is getting a view of sunrise from the air.


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